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Our  mission is to provide the best evidence
based, quality skin cancer education to our
children and youth in an effort to decrease
the incidence of skin cancer. As we are
learning more everyday, skin cancer is the
fastest growing category of cancer among
our young population today. We are learning
that it is growing due impart to the multiple
unprotected exposure we have as children.
Message From The President
Mission Statement
The mission of the Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation and
its programs is to establish quality educational programs
for children and youth about skin cancer and sun safety.
Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation’s Goal’s:
• To promote quality, evidenced based educational programs.
• To advocate and assist in the formulation of school and public policy
   which recognize the importance of sun safe measures and education.
• To promote a framework for furnishing free school and community
   educational materials about skin cancer.
• To exemplify and promote the highest level of public accountability and
   social responsibility in the conduct of our services.
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